How do I hire a trailer?

We advise customers to book as far in advance as possible to ensure the availability of a trailer to meet their needs. To do this, please call 07737 571918  where we will be able to discuss your requirements and take a payment from you to secure your reservation (part payment - 50%).

On the day of hire, you must arrive with a vehicle fitted with a suitable tow bar and electrics. If not provided before, we will require you to bring documentation to show proof of identification and your home address (details of suitable documents are detailed below). You will be required to leave a £250 refundable deposit against the trailer (this deposit will be returned to you upon the return of the trailer in an clean and undamaged condition).

You will be shown around the trailer and talked through the specifics and have the opportunity to highlight any pre-existing damage. You will then be required to read and sign the hire agreement before taking the trailer.

Number plates.

Before taking your trailer on the day of hire, you will be required to have a legal number plate that corresponds to the towing vehicle fitted to the hire trailer. If you don't have an appropriate number plate we are able to manufacture one on the day of hire.

What documentation do I need? 
You will need to bring with you a full photo-card drivers licence 
2. In addition, you will need to provide 2 documents that prove where you live. These should be no older than three months and must be in the name of the hirer, examples include a current council tax bill, utility bill or bank statement.

3. Certificate of Motor Insurance for tow vehicle to prove you are covered to tow by your own Insurer. If you don't have trailer cover, you accept full liability for any loss or damage and third party costs.

4. If you are hiring a car transporter, then you must have category E on your drivers license i.e. BE, CE or DE and this will be checked prior to the hire taking place.
5. You will need to bring a number plate for the trailer that matches the tow vehicle.

6. You will need to check with your insurance provider for 3rd party cover

We are unable to hire out our trailers without the correct documentation being produced on the day of hire.

Do you retain details of the documents I supply?

We do but only for the duration of the hire period, after which time they are destroyed including the photograph of the hirer and details of your vehicle.

We will provide you with an Insurance approved wheel clamp and hitch lock ahead of the hire.
If you are taking a trailer over-night, we ask that you store the trailer in a locked compound, off road and in such a way that the trailer is 100% secure, using the clamp and hitch lock.


All bookings cancelled less than 24 hours from the pick-up date and time are non-refundable.

Please also note that if you fail to produce the appropriate I.D.,  fail to pay at time of pick up or the Terms and Conditions are not adhered to in any way, the rental will not go ahead and the deposit will not be refunded.